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Airtel UDP VPN Trick Working Again January 2015

Airtel UDP Port 53, which is considered as the one of the best Port for the Transfer of the encrypted Data. Airtel Mainly blocked the Port 53 Ages ago on the default APN, but somehow it has been tweaked again and is presented online. This trick has been configured for the NMD VPN and can also be configured on the Android Device. This trick is the sure-shot for the UP East and West Customers and can also be configured in the Blocked SIM. If you are facing the capping issue then recharge your Number with the respective Video Calling Pack and that’s It.
I have been previously uploading the tricks that require the pass, due to the many copy paste actions, but this time the case is quite opposite there will be no pass in the config and you can download freely.

Benefit of this Airtel Trick :

  • Working with Blocked SIM : This trick is working with the Blocked Airtel SIM, with no Balance or Capped Speed condition.
  • HTTP and HTTPS Protocol Supported : Many of the online users use the eCommerce websites Like eBay and other Secured websites which uses the HTTPS protocols are now supported under this Servers.
  • Zero Balance Condition : Connection will be established at Null Balance, no need of any plan.
  • Torrents Supported : Torrent Addicted Smoker, no need to worry as your food for life is already supported. If you face some difficulties in Downloading trick via uTorrent then you Must try the ZBIGZ Premium Version Trick
  • Download Status : You can download the File in Parallel and can even resume it.
  • VPN Stats : No extra Pop-up adds and Mal-ware Websites. Just browse in the Clean Environment.

How to setup this trick in Windows Platform :

Download VPN : No Pass Required

  • If you are using this VPN For the first time then make sure you have the TAP drivers Installed.
  • The Config is integrated in this VPN no Need to download it separately. Just establish the Mobile Data Connection
Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN  VPN as the Administrator, if you are not doing this the  VPN will not be getting connected to the SERVERS.
  • Connect with the Download Configuration and your connection will be established.
You can also try this with the VPNBOOK my simply pasting the download config in the CONFIG folder where the  VPN is Installed.

How to Get RID of the Adds In the VPN :

  • What you have to do is to download this File and Pate it in the
    Download this File : Remove Adds in VPN

Screenshot of the trick :

Airtel VPN Trick
Connection will not be established for the first try to reconnect three to four times and at last it will established. IF in case you are facing difficulties and setting up this trick then do leave a message

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